CEAS Collective is a Chico Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

CEAS Collective has been proudly delivering top dispensary quality medical cannabis products to the medical marijuana community of Chico since 2014.  The owner of CEAS Collective, known as Docta CEAS, was fascinated by the industry while studying for his Doctor of Pharmacy.  Realizing the benefits of medical marijuana, Docta CEAS decided to pursue the cannabis industry with the mission to provide medical marijuana patients with the high dispensary quality medical cannabis products. Thus, CEAS Collective was established with the objective to continue serving medical marijuana patients efficiently with only the best medical cannabis products and to create a community where medical marijuana patients can feel comfortable with any questions or concerns.  
With an extensive medical marijuana product menu, CEAS Collective offers a variety of only the best premium cannabis products.  This Chico delivery service carries the finest cultivated strains including Green Crack, Organic Strawberry Cough, Organic Jack, Organic Super Crack and Blue Dream. Their selection concentrates include flawless amber shatters, nug run, and an assortment of Bumblebee products, a Chico medical marijuana patient favorite. CEAS Collective carries an assortment of edibles, anything from cookies to pretzels, caramel corn to glazed pecans, and even Chili Lime Peanuts, medical marijuana patients are sure to find their favorite edibles. Their Canna Oil cartridges are 100% natural made with premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil available in half grams in OG and Tangie.     
The Chico medical marijuana team at CEAS Collective continues to provide exceptional customer service to their medical cannabis community and continue to be the highest rated delivery service in the surrounding Chico area. They offer fast, free, professional delivery with minimum donations starting at $25, depending on the area. CEAS Collective makes it easy to medical marijuana patients to obtain their medical cannabis products by offering numerous specials and BOGO deals. They currently accept cash and all major credit cards and adds an incentive for their returning medical cannabis community with their stamp card that rewards patients for turning to CEAS Collective for all their medical marijuana products.     
Service Locations
CEAS Collective delivers the highest quality of medical cannabis products to the neighboring medical marijuana communities surrounding Chico, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Durham, Santa Cruz, West Hollywood, San Jose, and Woodland areas. 
Location Information
Chico is the most populous city in Butte County, California home to California State University, Chico, the second oldest campus in the California State University system north of Sacramento.  Consuming a percentage of Chico, Bidwell Park sits on 3,670 acres, 11 miles, making it one of the 25 largest city parks in the U.S.  The Bidwell Mansion was home to General John Bidwell and Annie Bidwell, visitors can explore this three story, 26 room, Victorian home that was once the social and cultural center of Sacramento Valley and is now a museum and State Historic Park listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Serving the large medical marijuana communities from Chico to Woodland,  CEAS Collective proudly delivers the finest medical cannabis products to the medical marijuana patients in the communities surrounding Chico.